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I realized today that I never posted the list of scents that are being discontinued through Scentsy. After posting them on Twitter today and realizing that some Scentsy customers had no idea that their favorite scents were being discontinued I wanted to be sure and put it on my blog.

These scents are only available until Wednesday the 29th and then beginning March They will be discontinued.

If any of these scents are your favorite you might want to stock up! Also bricks (a full pound of wax) are going way forever, so if you love bricks (like me) order up! You can order through my website.

Discontinued Scents:
I'm so excited about all the new Scentsy products coming out in March and plan to do a post about them soon!

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Rachel said...

Yay! So glad you're going to participate today :)

Chelsi said...

NOOO! I saw this way too late. I loved Honey Pear Cider! And, Jan was the first time I ordered a brick... I cant believe I never did that before! Sad they are gone too... :(

Chelsi said...

Ok that comment wasn't supposed to be a reply to the other comment. Whoops.

Baju Muslim said...

Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!