Eli is 7 Months!

Another month! Eli is now 7 months old!
This month has been so fun! Eli is getting more and more active and his little personality is coming out a little more everyday. What fun it is to watch his sweet self develop.

- You are a full time thumb sucker now. You don't ever want a pacifier, however if one is around you will pick it up and suck on it, but when you are wanting to go to sleep your thumb is all you need.

- You are going to be crawling pretty soon. You get on all fours and just rock and rock. You are scooting so fast and everywhere.
- Your babysitter told me you like to hang out with the big kids. You don't ever want to be separated from them and you like to stand at the train table with them.

- You are so observant and you LOVE to stare at people. It's almost a little embarrassing.

- You have always loved your daddy but this month you have started to really fall in love with him. When he gets home you are all smiles and want to be right by his side.
- You like to eat. A lot. You still have not had any aversions to any food. If it's food you will eat it.

- You are so good at playing independently. You love your toys and will sit and play and play. Then you are sure to let me know when you are done, usually by screaming.

- You have two bottom teeth and they are so cute. You didn't have any teething problems and we didn't even know you were teething until we noticed them coming in. You just had a couple of days of lots of dirty diapers but you never got fussy.
- You are sitting up on your own and you have been for almost a month now. You prefer scooting across the floor but you will sit up and play with your toys.

- You are in size 3 diapers and 6-9 or 6-12 months clothes. Although I can fit you into some 3-6 month clothes which is crazy.

- The doctor called you "long and lean".

- EVERYTHING you touch goes straight to your mouth as evidenced in these photos. I am constantly checking the floor to make sure that you can't get to anything too small.

- We put your swing in the attic this past week :-( You officially outgrew it. You love your exersaucer and bouncer.

I can't believe how fast you are growing! We love you so much!

And a short video:

Eli LOVES any sort of technology. He will play with his toys all day long but if he spots any sort of phone, computer, or remote control he will hightail it to that object as fast as he can.

Below is a short video of him trying to get to my macbook. Notice at the beginning he is on all fours trying to crawl and then he face plants it and tries to get to the computer as fast as he can before I put it up where he can't reach it.

When he reaches the computer he hits the space bar thus ending the video. He is a smart boy.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

He. Is. So. Cute! I can't handle it!

And that video. He is SO close to crawling. But who needs to crawl when he can army crawl/scoot like that! Love it!

Ashley - The Christian Wife Life said...

I'm seriously laughing out loud at that video. That scooting is adorable and hilarious.

Much love,

Rebecca Jo said...

oh yeah - you've got a mover... wont be long before he's up on all fours!

He's starting to get such features that I cant figure out if he's more you or Luke.. whichever - he's ADORABLE!

Casa Cannon said...

SO stinking cute!! Love that smile! Still cannot believe he doesn't have that mop of dark hair! (yet!)

Sunshinemeg said...

You've got a mover and a shaker! He is precious. I can't belive how fast they grow! Enjoy your weekend with your little man = )

Lauren said...

can he get any cuter? I mean seriously...oh wait, I'm sure he'll be even more adorable next month!

Katy said...

Oh that video is hilarious! So cute!

Becca said...

That picture of him eating the blanket cracks me up :-) he's so so cute and chunky!

Samantha said...

When I saw the video was 9 seconds I was like that's too short of a video...no it wasn't! He's fast!!

Anonymous said...

Lean??? That's a little chubber bubs. :) ADORABLE.

Alex and Jill said...

I think he's such a great mix of you and Luke in these pics. Such a cutie. And I can't believe how FAST he's getting around. LOL That video is hilarious. Happy 7 months, Eli!!

Maria said...

Umm, yeah, that video- ridiculously AWESOME! Love to see their personalities develop. I also LOVE it when my husband gets home and our son gets sooo excited to see him. Daddies and their boys are precious! Man, every month this kids keep getting better and cuter and funnier.

Meg said...

He's so speedy!

And the photo right under the teething point? What a glamour shot!

Waiting for Bulgaria said...

Okay . . . he is seriously cute. I love that video.

Melody said...

Andrew watched the video of Eli with me. He said, "Seriously, that kid Megan's got there is as fast as Lightening McQueen. That's pretty fast." Eli is SO cute!

Rachel said...

I cannot believe that he is 7 months! Love that funny video. He's a fast little guy!

Lucky in Love said...

My daughter moves just like that! They're so fast! Eli is getting so big! What a cutie!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I think I just DIED WITH CUTENESS. omgg.

Jennifer said...

I love his little army crawl! What a cutie!!!