Weekly Weekend Update

My week last week was soooo crazy. In fact, I joke around about "being busy" watching TV but I really haven't sat down to watch a full TV show in the past two weeks. I don't know about you, but to me, that is just a travesty.

I plan to change that this week and watch a whole lotta TV.

To make things crazier last week Luke told me on Thursday that we were flying out to Corpus Christi, Texas on Friday.

Our church (where Luke works) is apart of a multi-site church and the "main" campus is in Corpus, so we flew out there to spend the weekend with some of the church folk down there.

"Church folk" thats a christianese word.

We had a great weekend and met some awesome people. Sometimes it is just refreshing to take yourself out of your normal everyday routine, away from your everyday people. It was just what the Dr. ordered for me and Luke.

And by Dr. I mean, the Big Man upstairs.

It was a really great weekend.

And I'm pleased to say that I took 4 wonderful pictures on my iphone.

I have this big expensive camera that I just about died to have, and I rely on my grainy, out-of-focus, doesn't-even-get-service-half-the-time phone.

And let me tell you these are four fabulous pictures.

First we have Luke sleeping, on the plane. He always sleeps with his head like this. Doesn't it look so uncomfortable???

And can we talk about all of that hair on his head for a minute? I've had the WORST heartburn lately. There is definitely some hair grow-age taking place in my belly.

The next picture is my attempt at taking an ocean water picture. Through the car window. I definitely got more of the road and sky in my picture than the actual ocean.

Except....is it really the ocean in Texas? I'm so confused about that. The next two pictures are of myself, because apparently it took me gaining a bit of weight to take pictures of myself and to also squeeze myself into jeggings.

I never wanted to wear jeggings pre-preggo. But now? I love them, and they are so comfortable.

So I took a picture, because that's the natural thing to do in the tweeting/bloggy world.

Me in all my jeggings glory:And the side belly view. I'm definitely at the stage where I want to tell everybody I'm pregnant and don't just need to move up a size in my jeans.

But I know it will pass, and I'm just grateful for this experience, so I will get over it.

That's probably a belly full of hair!

So that was our weekend.

And look at those pics, who needs a fancy schmancy camera when you've got a phone???

Question...Does anybody reading this blog live in Corpus??? Just wondering.

And I do have to say God Bless the creator of the maternity jeans. Pure Goodness.


Katie K. said...

I used to live in Corpus...does that count? I also went there for my first year of college. I was trying to think what church it would have been...I know there is that huge one just in a field, is that the one? You can now at least say that you have seen the huge airport of Corpus Christi...just kidding, it is super tiny! Hope you all had a great weekend though!

penny lane designs said...

Aww- you look so cute. :) And that is hilarious that your husband sleeps like that! I can't believe it- how does he not get a cramp in his neck?!

Rachel said...

You look so cute!! I wish I looked that tiny in jeggings...and I'm not even pregnant!!

Glad you had a fun weekend with your husband :)

Heather said...

You look absolutely adorable!!!! Love you in the jeggings!!! :)

Christa said...

I remember that stage - It was probably that only time I contemplated wearing a prego t-shirt, just so everyone would know I wasn't just packing on the pounds. ;)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

A belly full of hair!! Bwahahaha!

You crack me up.

You look better in jeggings all knocked up and stuff that I do. I won't even go into the ways that is not fair.

I love your little Tree belly girl.. =)

Classy Fab Sarah said...

How adorable are you in those jeggings?

Ashley said...

I do not see how Luke sleeps like that. I would need a neck rub so bad! I LOVE your jeggings. You look great!

According to Ashley said...

HAHAHA - A belly full of hair! Too funny! You're such a cute little pregnant lady :)

petrii said...

Jeggings? Jean-leggin's -- I'm confused...it doesn't take much =)

You look so stinkin' cute!!! I mean seriously, your baby bump is completely adorable.

So glad y'all got some time in a new setting.

Have a Blessed week,

Lauren said...

You look so cute! I'm not even preggo & I'm in love with leggings! So comfy!

And I love that picture of Luke...seriously how is that comfortable!

5th Belle Avenue said...

You are soooo adorable with your tiny self and that cute little belly. I used to live in Houston and frequented Corpus!

Bink said...

You are so adorable!!! I love the jeggings!

Ashley said...

I cannot believe that he sleeps like that! His neck has got to hurt when he gets up, right? You are so adorable in your jeggings!

Becca said...

Ok how do you look that cute in jeggings? It's ridiculous really :-) Jayci came out with lots of hair and I had mad-heartburn . . . so I'm betting you got lots of hair in there too!!

Lindsay said...

We are in Victoria...pretty close to Corpus!

You look adorable BTW!!

Chiara said...

You look great, loving the jeggings



THE Stephanie said...

Love all your hair comments. I can't wait to see that baby!!

And what church are you all apart of in Corpus? Just curious...

Sweet Simplicity said...

You are so cute! I can't believe Luke can sleep like that.

Newlywed and Decorating said...

Love that blue sky over the ocean/gulf! Beautiful! You are too funny about the hair growing in the belly, what an image! :)

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

You look adorable!!!

Jane said...

That makes my neck hurt just looking at him! If you ever want to get rid of your fancy schmancy camera you can leave it on my front porch. I promise to find it a good home. :)