Love CAN Build a Bridge

In the past whenever I would hit "lull's" in my blogging material I would blame it on the fact that nothing exciting was going on in my life.

Well I think that was a big fat lie.

Because now something exciting is going on in my life and I still don't really have anything to blog about.

I mean, I think growing a human being is pretty exciting. However I don't think people want to hear about it every single day.

Plus life is pretty busy right now so that doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging.

Between catching up on my DVR, reading Harry Potter 4, reading Hunger Games, and also finding some time to eat us out of house and home I've got a pretty full plate. Both figuratively and literally.

Today while fast and furiously catching up on my DVR I was watched the past 2 episodes of Oprah.

Well today she had The Judd's on her show which totally reminded me of a story I've never told on my blog.

It involves the song "Love Can Build a Bridge", me, Luke, and a marriage conference.

A marriage conference before we were even married.

Before we were even engaged.

Let's backtrack:

Many moons ago before Luke and I were dating or even engaged we were signed up to go to marriage conference.

Somehow participating in the marriage conference fell into Luke's category as a worship leader, even though he wasn't married. Minor detail.

Try doing that math.

I could spend hours explaining this marriage conference, that lasted an entire weekend mind you. Sometime if we ever meet in person ask me to tell you about our marriage conference experience BEFORE WE WERE MARRIED. It makes a fun in-person story.

I could tell you about how the whole weekend they would talk about our roles as husband and wife, and then pause and turn to me and Luke and say "or good friends" and then would resume their speech. The. Whole. Weekend.

But today I will only tell you about the part that involves the beautiful ballad by The Judd's. And how at the end of the weekend we had to form a circle with those who were participants with us and hold hands and sway together as we listened to this song. Then in the end we all had to partake in a giant group hug.

A note for the future, shall we meet. I'm not a fan of group hugs.

So now every time I hear that about love building a bridge I convulse for a about a minute with memories of people patting me on the back telling me that even if Luke and I don't get married we would always be great friends.

Well here we are many moons later, still great friends and low and behold we're actually married. And yet, that weekend still remains one of the most awkward moments of my life.

However I am grateful that we were sent to the marriage conference. It still, to this day provides many moments of comic relief in our marriage when we think back on stories from that weekend.

Plus when life gets hard we just remember Love can build a bridge.

You didn't see that one coming did you?


petrii said...

hahaha you make me happy....this story cracks me up and yes, makes me happy. So glad you went to the marriage conference pre-marriage. Funny girl =)

Have a Super Blessed day,

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

Hahaha!!!! How awkward!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Pretty sure the awkward from that weekend would have literally killed me.


When I come visit you... I'm definitely gonna call for a group hug. Such a touching moment.

(And the thought of all that touching makes me gag a lot. Ick.)

Sweet Simplicity said...

Oh my, I have to hear this story in person! I can only imagine the awkwardness.

Sweet Simplicity said...

p.s. I would read all of your baby posts. I like them!

jen mccrady said...

ummm i know this wasn't the "feature" of your story, but i'm really excited that you're reading harry potter! have you read it before??? i just finished reading all the books for the first time and totally looooooved them!

Courtney said...

We went to a marriage conference when we were engaged and it sounds almost exactly like yours, minus the swaying and listening to music. It was an uncomfortable weekend for us too.

Kelley said...

love it! and I love that song!

PinkSass said...

Thank you for inspiring me today.

ps I agree I love hearing about baby tree. :)

Rebecca Jo said...

I seriously just had a giggle fit visualizing you in a circle, holding hands, swaying to that song... aka Who-ville style in The Grinch...

Lauren said...

lol...you make me smile so much! Love it! And seriously, what an awkward moment that must have been!

Jess said...

I would read your baby posts, too!

Too funny about the marriage conference. I bet that was SUPER uncomfortable, lol.

Kirk Cameron (from Growing Pains) is coming to my church to do a marriage conference. And, um...... I'm actually thinking of going. I'm not even dating anyone, lol.

In this wonderful life... said...

haha! oh my goodness!! I would have felt really awkward as well!

5th Belle Avenue said...

You are so adorable. I just love your writing style and how witty you are. Maybe some day I'll be able to hear the story in person! And exchange some equally awkward stories of my own involving conferences on relationships. There should be a whole book about how awkward those things can be!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Oh. my. word. That is unbelieveable. Sometimes I just want to shake people and be like WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!! DO YOU REALIZE HOW LAME AND AWKWARD THIS IS??!!!

Okay now that I got that out - i'm glad you have some eternal comic relief.


Kassie said...

I would SO love to hear this story. Marriage conference and you aren't even engaged? How awkward!!

newteacherwife said...

That's such a fun story to have!! I love cute and funny encounters like this.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

What an awesomely odd story. Love it!