Summertime is Here!

I love this weekend every year. It ALWAYS kicks off the summertime feelin!

Love. That.

It is supposed to get past 100 degree sometime this week and that makes me excited!

I know that seems crazy, but I get really grumpy when it's cold, so hot weather is fantastic with me.

Yes I may sweat.

And yes my thighs might stick to my leather seats in my car.

And maybe I can only wear dresses in the summer because they are nice and breezy.

But regardless, I enjoy a nice HOT summer day.

I love everything that comes with summer.

Well minus the spiders that have INFESTED my house. Our plan is to get some spray this week but in the meantime I don't even want to think about how many spiders I am swallowing at night.

They say the average person swallows a lot of spiders in their lifetime.

I say a lot because I have no idea how many. I googled it and got anywhere between 19 and 59.

Basically A. LOT.

Back to what I love about summer.

Snow Cones.

Flip Flops.

Cold spaghetti salads.

Green grass (even though it makes me break out and my eyes turn puffy and red like there's no tomorrow).

Tank tops.

And so on and so on.

We had a great weekend spending lots of time with friends and family by the pool.

I love summer!


Lauren Kelly said...

Lovely!! Now I am going to be scared to sleep at night for fear of digesting spiders!!

YAY for summer!!! Haha!! :)

it's such a perfect day... said...

Totally know what you mean about summer! I get so bummed during cold weather and I think my doctor even told me I have seasonal depression at one point in my life, ha! YAY SUMMER!

I'm a new follower... and on twitter too! :)

Ams said...

I love summer too!! People think I am crazy for loving extreme heat but ANYTHING is better than the winter!!!!

Glad you had a great weekend lovely lady!

katie beth said...

I'm disturbed about that spider swallowing bit.

But I'm right with you on 100 degree days and the other perks of the summer!

Anonymous said...


Classy Fab Sarah said...

The words "cold spaghetti salad" kinda sorta make me want to hurl. But that just might be because cold food is ICK.

And I'm not gonna lie... it's a little too hot for me. Some of us are not good outside flowers... we melt in the heat!

Rachel said...

What a wonderful list! Can we add cookouts and beach days to the list? Oh and that little thing I like to call summer vacation? Hooray summer! I know you don't have beaches out there in OK, but you're always welcome to visit and take advantage of ours :)

daviscourtneyg said...

Please never mention swallowing spiders again. Yuck. Other than that bring on summer!

Heather said...

I love summertime too and I am laughing so hard about the spider thing cause I have heard that too!! EWWWWW!!!! I love flip flops and summer dresses too!! I like it hot too, yay for summer!!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

love your list. but i can't stand the heat. i stay indoors most of the summer and go out only at night when there's the chance of a breeze.

come out here and come to the beach with me! :)

and bummer on the spiders!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I had the most delish sno cone from Josh's Sno Shack yesterday. I want another one right now!

California Wife said...

Yay for summer! I wish I agreed with you on the heat though, we've got 5 straight days coming up with temps over 105 and I'm dreading it. I can't deal with anything over 90 very well.

Angie said...

Summer is my favorite as well, and I hate bugs! Spiders are the worst-and now I will think about swallowing them:(

Lauren said...

I'm with you...summer just makes me feel happy...of course then I'm always ready for the cool weather of fall! If I could live somewhere with almost NO winter, but still have all the other seasons I would!

Brittany said...

3 more days of school and summer break is here! I can not wait!! The kids are driving me nuts!

Abby said...

Summer is wonderful! and i love your list! :)

Tara Gibson said...

i heart summer too!

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petrii said...

Cold Spaghetti Salad? Do share!!

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sanjeet said...

Glad you had a great weekend lovely lady!
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