Project 365 - Week Two

Time for Week 2 of Project 365.

Head over to Jessica's blog to see what everybody else has been up to this past week!

Saturday Jan 10th: We spent a day relaxing after church and then met with our small group for dinner.
Monday January 11th: Did some of my Couch to 5K after work, Luke went to a show and then my CLOSET COLLAPSED.
Tuesday January 12th: American Idol started!!!! Love American Idol. Love Ryan.

Wednesday January 13th: We set the Homecoming date at work. My big event of the year! Woo Hoo, time to get planing!
Thursday January 14th: Thursday was a pretty ordinary day, work, jogging then dinner. I took this in the bathroom for a random reason, thus my picture of the day:
Friday January 15th: Took off work and went to look at houses. This is how I felt afterwards
Saturday January 16th: Mom, Kati and Maxton came to visit!


Jon and Steph said...

How fun! Love your daily pictures!

Lindsey said...

Love the daily pics, so fun! You have great syle friend!

Lauren said...

Love the daily pics...if only I was disciplined enough to do that! How in the heck do you always look so darn cute!?!?

Whitney said...

Fun pix! I love picture posts. And your work bathroom looks so homey!

notably noted said...

I am so impressed that you can keep up with the Project 365! I wish I could!

Way to go on sticking with the Couch to 5K, too. Very impressive.

Hang in there on the house search. I know it's disappointing, but you'll find the perfect first house! I'm sure of it.

Susan said...

Great pics!!

Loved your self potrait, I need to try that!!

Becca said...

I love your week in pictures! :-) you always dress so cute by the way. mine would be embarrassing because i'd be wearing the same sweatpants and sweatshirt in at least 80% of them :-)

oursuperlife said...

Love your project 365!
Its nice to see it in a weekly chunk.
Hows that closet situation coming along?

allison @ designing woman said...

very fun! i like the after moving pic the best... i would feel like that too!
i'm doing project 365 too... most days i really enjoy it, and then others im like "whhaaaat am i going to take a pic of!?"


Brown Eyed Girl said...

I love your daily pics and you are TOO cute!! I too was never that fond of looking for houses. It seemed like it was my husbands dream, yet I hated it?? I hope you find your perfect home soon :)

liane said...

Your closet fiasco still makes me smile... I know that is wrong and I feel badly for laughing... but the thought of MY closet having that occur... OH gosh. I'd never recover. I'd be buried alive under the amount of clothes I have stuffed in there :)

Also, this week I officially gave up on the bachelor. Although I did feel as if I'd seen the show thanks to you gals and your twittering. I honestly could not watch the show without getting angry. Those girls. GRRRR!!!!

Tara Gibson said...

you look gorgeous in purple girl!