Random Catch-up

  • December is the fastest month ever
  • I have not seen my husband before 8:00pm once this week
  • I'm not complaining - Luke has been busy getting ready for our big Christmas service at church
  • God is really moving in our church and I am anxious to see what He is up to
  • I am on Week SIX of my Couch to 5K
  • I did not run today, it was my first day to miss on a weekday (I have missed a couple of Saturday's)
  • I do not want to fall behind during the Holiday's
  • I am off of work until January 4th. Hello sleeping in. I have missed you.
  • I finally saw The Blind Side. It was great!!
  • Right now I am thankful for my Christmas tree because our ceiling light has gone out and nobody has taken the time to change the light bulb
  • I believe this is a man's job. My husband hasn't been home much this week, therefore the glow of my tree is my light this week
  • I mean that literally not figuratively
  • I am in the process of labeling all of my blogs (to fill that space on the left that says "Pick a Topic". After going through all my blogs I have to say: I blog about some weird stuff. I can't believe anybody reads this thing, I mean I'm glad, but just surprised.
  • Did I mention I'm on Christmas break?!?! I love my job, but we all need a break from time to time. Can I get an Amen?!?!


Ams said...

Happy Holiday Break!!!
That was a great list... and I don't think there is anything wrong with using the Christmas lights as a makeshift ceiling light :)
Have a great holiday my dear!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I feel the exact same way about my blog - why does anybody read this junk?!

I am SO impressed with your couch to 5K progress - you go girl!!

Rachel said...

I hope you slept in late this morning, and then you lounge around in your pajamas for half the morning :)

I'm so jealous that you're already out! I can't wait for my break!

Karleen said...

Good job on sticking with the couch to 5K training! I enjoy reading your blogs about weird stuff, it makes me laugh!

Heather said...

YAY for Christmas Break!!! Enjoy your sleeping in! :) I love reading your blog, random or not!!!! :)

Lauren Kelly said...

Have a fabulous break, Megan!!!!! :)

Lindsey said...

Happy vacation! You deserve it! And congrats on being on week 6, you are rockin' it!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Amen...well, you asked!! Loved your list!

In this wonderful life... said...

I'm SO SAD December is passing SO quickly!! It NEEDS to be a 60 day month!!

Lucky you don't go back to work till the 4th! That's my bday :)

THE Stephanie said...

I love using the Christmas lights to light the house. It's so pretty and so calming. I say don't change the light until January. :)

Lauren said...

Love that list & enjoy your time off...and as for labeling your blog--good luck! And also know that it's those weird, random things that make us all love you!

Ari said...

I saw the Blindside yesterday! It was fantastic!

rhiannon@notablynoted.com said...

Oh my goodness! Labeling all of your blogs! What an undertaking. Lucky for you you're on Christmas Vacation!!! =) Enjoy it girl.

Julie said...

I'm fighting bitter jealousy right this very moment that you still get a Christmas Break!! :) I haven't had a Christmas Break in 11 years now!!

I am dying to see the Blindside!!

Heather said...

Enjoy your break girlie!!! You deserve it!!

Rachel said...

December really has been the fastest month ever. Hope you had a good weekend!! :)