Fall Equinox

*Edit: Apparently the Fall Equinox happened in September, this was just an effect of the Fall Equinox, please just humor me with this post. I was never good with Science (or whatever subject this would have been). Thanks and love*

Did you know that tonight (Thursday) is Fall Equinox?

Did you know that on Fall Equinox your broom will stand by itself?

Neither did I.

I received a call from my BFF and Partner-In-Crime Tambra casually asking me if I had tried to stand my broom up.

I really didn't know how to respond to that question.

So I didn't, I just say there in silence.

To which she replied "I guess not, go try and stand your broom up on a hard surface"

I laughed.

She then told me that she was looking at her broom standing straight up.

So I went to the kitchen and got my broom.

And attempted to get it to stand up while Luke watched me like I had absolutely lost my mind.

After my broom hit the ground for the one hundredth time I decided she was pulling me leg and I wasn't falling for it.......anymore.

So she sent me this picture:


After I got that picture I was determined to get mine to stand up. I tried for awhile longer and even went outside but could never get mine to cooperate.

Maybe its because my broom is hardly ever used so it really didn't know how to perform when needed.

I thought this was cool enough to share.

And proved another reason why I need to get out of this apartment. Even my broom is so sick of this place it won't stand up straight on the appropriate Fall Equinox night.

Happy Friday everybody!


short southern momma said...

how cool! I will have to try that with my broom. I did not know anything about that...how interesting! Hope your having a great night. = )

Demara said...

never heard of this before...so I too tried it..hehe...mine stood up, but I'm sure I can get it to stand up like that every day! lol its well used.

Marissa said...

I tried the same with my broom. Fell over. I'll try it!

Rachel said...

There's a teacher down the hall from me who does this each year with an egg. It's so crazy!

Jon and Steph said...

Oh my gosh, how funny! I've never heard of that before. I can't believe your friends broom actually stood on it's own.

Shannon said...

I had a friend who did it last week. I tried and tried, but failed!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I have NEVER heard of such a thing in my life.

Are you sure she's not playing a trick on you????

Danielle said...

I think the fall equinox was actually on Sept 22 :) Hehe, maybe that is why that darn broom wouldn't stand!


Lauren Kelly said...

Hilarious, LOL!!!!!!

Brandi said...

Holy cow! I'm going to have to try that! I see how I'm going to spend my Friday night now! :)

Whitney said...

You know what... I cleaned last night and my broom did not stand up straight. It hit the floor many of times... even when it was leaning up against the wall.

.... FAIL!

Rachel H. said...

Ha-Ha! That is TOO funny! I'm sure that my broom wouldn't have stood up either!

SnoWhite said...

that's pretty crazy. but, maybe your broom didn't stand because the fall equinox (equal amounts of day/night) happened when fall began back in September.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I have never heard that before. It is kinda freaky!

Tara Gibson said...

ooo thats kinda freaky! haha love the edit : )

Mark and Kathryn said...

Never heard of the broom, but in middle school we got an egg to stand up on it's own. Pretty crazy stuff!!!!


Alex and Jill said...

My Mom did this last week and it worked...crazy!

TriciaNae said...

you crack me up girl.

the Mrs Hinz said...

hey girl hey! im following you now too. and you are too stinking CUTE!!! love all your pics.

Southern Belle said...

Seriously, this just made me chuckle this morning. After the bad day I had yesterday, I needed this=)