Keepin' It Real

Two posts from me today. Woo Hoo!

So I was tagged by Lindsey at Sweet Simplicity for Keepin' it Real, and I had to play RIGHT NOW for it to be real, hence, Keepin' it real.

Take a picture of yourself right now.
No primping or preparing.
Just snap a picture.
Load the picture onto your blog.
Tag some people to play.

People, I have to explain:
I had just walked across campus and the wind was blowing like Oklahoma wind does. If you have never been to Oklahoma then you have no idea what I am talking about, but my Okie friends can testify: Oklahoma wind is just plain ole bad.
Think of a tornado. Its wind. Thats what we deal with.

SO I put my hair back cause it was blowing all around in my face, and its 5:00 PM so that means, any makeup I put on at 7:00 AM is looooooooooooooong gone. And my face is all red from the ferocious wind.
But its me. So here ya go! (taken from my phone, so the quality isn't the best)

And because I couldn't leave you with just that gross picture of me I had to leave you with something a little sweet.

My cute nephew getting ready for the Easter bunny.

I get to see him this week and I am ecstatic about it!!!! It has been a month since I have seen him and that is too long!!

I tag:

Emily at Living our own Fairytale
Megs at Perfectly Imperfect
Lauren at Walk with me on this journey called life
And of course, anybody else who wants to play along. Play at your own risk! :-)



Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

you look so cute, i would be so happy with myself if i looked like that after a full day of wind and long gone make up! your eyes are beautiful! and that little guy is adorable=)

Whitney said...

I love your long disclaimer! I think you look perfectly cute!

Rebecca Jo said...

You look beautiful!!!

And oh my goodness... what a cute little bunny!!!

*~! megs !~* said...

Love your disclaimer!

and goodness.. I just got back from a run, so I may lose friends, but I'm totally doing this duh!!

PS- you do not look windblown at all. not fair!

Carolyn said...

You're naturally pretty, so that picture is awesome. As I expected!

Oh, and there was some big wild fire here in Dallas today, and it's windy...so my hair looks terrible with specks of ashes in it. Nice.

Jess said...

What an adorable little bunny waiting for the Easter bunny!

I wish I looked that cute after being blown by the wind, lol!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Love the baby bunny pictures! He is adorable! You have such great skin and eyes! I hate the OK wind!

Lauren said...

You look cute for being windblown and your nephew is so cute too!

B said...

cute self pic!! your nephew is so cute with that big smile of his!

writing4612 said...

You look fine. We all have to deal with a little wind(or a lot in your case) from time to time.

That nephew of yours is a cutie! A month would be too long for me too.

Lauren Kelly said...

Haha!!!! I took a picture right after I read this and will get it up tomorrow, and I'll definitely be keeping it real :) haha!

Jon and Steph said...

You're adorable!

LuLu Lake said...

The pictures of your nephew made me laugh! He is so adorable!

THE Stephanie said...

Seriously? I don't think I've seen a bad picture of you!! That was a nice try, though... LOL

Faith said...

Girl, you are gorgeous no matter what! I think I would seriously scare all my readers away if I did this!

And, enjoy every moment with that little Maxton. He is such a doll!!

Mrs. Stilettos said...

Oh he is so so sweet!! How cute!! Oh and of course you are too! :)

SassyEngineer said...

I got tagged for this too! I think it is kind of fun, and you look beautfiul :)

Little Lovables said...

Your photo looks great!

My name is Megan... said...

you are so pretty!!! and he is such a little cutie!

MiMi said...

Wish I could look like that at the end of a windblown day! You are adorable and you have the most gorgeous eyes!

And...how cute is that little bunny! Such a cutie!

Trina said...

Whatever, you're still adorable!

And so is little Maxton!