Weekly Weekend Update

Have you had the best Mexican food ever? Because I'm pretty sure I have.

Friday night Luke and I went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant Ted's to stuff ourselves with the best salsa and queso our mouths have ever tasted.

It had been two weeks since we last had this glorious food and I was definitely have withdrawals.
Saturday, I got to see my good friends Jodi which was good because I hadn't seen her in awhile and I was having friend withdrawals.
Sunday we had a Super Bowl Party at our church which was tons 'o' fun.

Can I just stop for a second and say how amazing Jennifer Hudson sounded when she sang the National Anthem. What is it about that song that makes me cry every time??
Not tear up. But full on cry.
And this time was no exception. Girlfriend tore that song up and I was bawling like a baby.

I cry at the weirdest moments.
Have I mentioned that I didn't cry on my wedding day. Not. One. Tear.
Yet I cry every time I watch American Idol.
I have issues.
So I just wanted to give Jennifer a Shout Out cause she did an amazing job, and we are now on a first name basis.
The Super Bowl Party was fun regardless of the fact that I watched .5 seconds of the entire game. I was too busy eating and talking. That's my idea of a good Super Bowl Party.
I did however, take time out to watch the '3D commercial'. I saw nothing 3D.
But it was sure fun watching everybody wear those goofy glasses!!

Goofy glasses case and point:
Apparently I was a fan of Purple this weekend.

During the Super Bowl Party I met a 13 year old girl and we shared our love for The Jonas Brothers. She has posters in her room.

I'm still trying to talk Luke into letting me do that.

Hope you had a great weekend! And if you are a Steelers fan congrats!



Justin and Jenn said...

Love your scarf! Where did you get it?

Mojito Maven said...

Sounds like you had a fantatsic weekend!! Your hair looks adorable in these pics!

Whitney said...

Your hair does look so cute!
My Mexican place knows me by name! I don't think I should be bragging about that! Ha!
Looks like your weekend was super fun!

Hollie said...

lovin the hair girl!

If I could eat Mexican twice a week I would. LOVE it! but b/c I live in the middle of nowhere, it's quite the jaunt to get to any of the mexican restaurants. hmmph.

Rach@In His Hands said...

I ate and talked myself silly at our Superbowl party last night. It was great! We didn't even realize there WAS a 3D commercial.
Your hair looks fabulous...and I am NOT just saying that 'cause all of the above ladies said it. I really mean it. :-)

Lauren Kelly said...

Looks like you had a GREAT weekend... I was rooting for the Cardinals. Always like to go for the underdogs and was so sad to have missed Jennifer sing ;o( Just wanted to say hi. Hope you have a GREAT week!

Rebecca Jo said...

How fun!!! And tell Luke - if he's secure in his manhood, he'll let you have your Jonas Brothers posters! hehe!!!

That Fresh Feeling said...

I am lovin the purple. I am wearing a purple shirt today:-)

Looks like you had a great weekend.

Good luck with the Jonas bros posters.

THE Stephanie said...

My weekend was amazingly just like yours: fabulous mexican food, great friends, and talking during the super bowl!! LOL

Happy Monday!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like so much fun, and great pictures!!
I didn't cry at my wedding either!!
I will post my wedding pictures on my one year anniversary (in 15 days, woohoo!!!)

Sweet Simplicity said...

You look good in purple! I was all about the food on Sunday night too.

Jenna said...

You are the cutest with your purple and your good-looking hair. Glad ya'll had a great weekend!

LYNDEE said...

we had a great time at our super bowl party too, glad yalls was just as fun!!

Tara Gibson said...

sounds like a great weekend. I think I could eat mexican food everyday! yum! I love your hair curly!

Emily said...

I love the purple scarf! sooo cute:) U guys need to frame the picture with the glasses! classic:) I didnt cry on our wedding day either... I cried the whole day after.. weird I know!

Faith said...

I wish I had a Ted's near me! I've heard about how good it is from all you OK bloggers...yum!

Love the pics from your fun weekend. You look great in purple!!

SassyEngineer said...

I agree - I think Jennifer Hudson was amazing. I had goose bumps!!!

Julie said...

I LOVE Ted's. This is the second mention of Ted's in the blog world today. I think it is a sign I should have Ted's real soon.

I love the curly hair! It is really pretty. And purple....it's the color of royalty...and you my friend are a Daughter of The King!!

Heather said...

Okay....I am going to really try to not hate you and be TOTALLY jealous that you can do to Ted's every two weeks!!! That is my dream! I get to go about 3-4 times a year....and it is the BEST EVER!!!!
I loved Jennifer, too....what a voice! And you know I cry every week at Idol AND the Biggest Loser. So I guess we both have issues!!! Love ya!

petrii said...

I dig the curly hair. Is your hair naturally curly or did you add the heat?

And love the glasses . . . seriously need me some of those bad boys.

Have a Blessed week,

PS National Anthem makes me cry to. What's up with that? And JHudson was AMAZING!!!

misty said...

ted's is our favorite place to eat too! we stuff our mouth with the chips, salsa & cheese dip by the time our food comes we're full!!!

we tried to go one day last week - 55 min wait. not happening. its good food but not the wait with 2 boys. no fun!!! ha