Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

If you are not familiar with Oklahoma let me bring you up to speed.

We recently got our very own NBA Basketball team. To say this is the 'talk of the town' would be an understatement. OKC is pumped.

So last week when I was offered 4 tickets to sit courtside at the next OKC Thunder game I knew that I couldn't pass this up.

Courtside is where the rich and the famous sit. When you see a picture of Jay Z and Beyonce in US Weekly at a basketball game they are sitting court side.

We felt special for a night.

We called our good friends Jodi and Kyle and asked them to come join us. They agreed immediately.

Here is a pic of Jodi and I at the game. If this was in US Weekly it would say, Megan is wearing Forever 21 and Jodi is wearing Gap.
Here is a shot of how close we were. We were in the second row. We were so stinking close it was amazing. I could have reached out and touched this player's butt. Luke asked me why I would want to do that. Well obviousy because it would be cool to say I touched a professional basketball players butt.Luke and I enjoying the game. I have come up with what our celebrity name would be. You know like Brad and Angelina are Brangelina. It would be MeTree (like Megan and then Tree) Ok its not that creative, but it was the best I could do! Luke's butt is really the only one I would want to touch, even though it doesn't make me cool to touch his.During halftime we were able to go to this special room and eat complimentary food and drinks. Well there weren't a lot of tables so a lady who worked there went and covered a trash can with a table cloth and let us eat on top of the trash can. We really felt it was appropriate that we eat on the trash can. It put us in our places, we didn't need to get too used to this rich and famous lifestyle.
People were seriously throwing away things while we were eating on top of it. It was really funny.Another shot of the game.
Clearly, we were really into the game.

It was such a fun night, the game was a good one and we had great food and fun with friends! I could get used to this lifestyle. Now Luke just needs to make it big as a rock star, so we can go to all the NBA games.Do Rock Stars get to sit courtside at basketball games?



  1. Fun! We'll be in Oklahoma in january!

  2. 1. I am very jealous of the court-side seats ~ Remember where we sat at the Hornets game... those are the closest seats we ever had!

    2. You guys look very cute in Forever 21 and Gap.

    3. I am pretty sure rock stars get to sit court-side so when Luke is famous can you save us some seats??

  3. My favorite NBA team is The Suns. They are playing Thunder on November 25th. I am so excited about going.. but we are in the nosebleeds. The tickets were almost sold out. Our tickets were 45 dollars. The courtside seats are going for 2500. How crazy is that?

  4. That sounds pretty awesome!! Looks like a great time. And even though Atlanta has had an NBA team for a long time, I've never been to a game. Might be something cool to do this winter...

  5. How FUN! You make me laugh out loud, my friend. The trash can and the butt - hilarious. Glad ya'll had a great time with your cute little selves!

  6. Aw, how fun! You made me laugh so hard with this post. Hilarious.

  7. Very fun! Cute pics...and I vote for either Leagan or Muke. Ha, obviously kidding. Dang it, I wanted something more creative but could think of anything!

  8. It looks like it was a lot of fun - I love that you kept thinking of your magazine picture captions and celebrity name!

  9. hahahah i love the comment about what you're wearing...too funny.
    I had no idea OKC had an NBA team! I'm so engrossed with football season that totally slipped by me. I'm a sports nut!

    What about Melukeee? Or Lukmegee? Or no wait...Tremlu. Yeah not as glamerous as Brangelina.


    You'll always be rich and famous in my eyes, even if you aren't courtside! (Were Luke and Kyle loving it or what!?)

  11. I love NBA games! I interned for the Hornets both seasons that they were here. I loved it! I got to meet so many famous people and almost got run over by Shaq once. I'm pretty sure that I wasn't even in his range of view. I am such a shorty! And well, ya know he is kinda tall!

  12. Soo FUN:)
    My husband and I came to alot of the hornet games!!
    We live in jenks and have lots of family that live in OkC... I was actually born in edmond! I dont think I realized you lived in ok.. maybe I did and then forgot!
    The courtside pics should definitely show up in my US weekly on friday;)

  13. that is so fun! being in an Oklahoma office, everyone here is talking about it too! we were on the 50 yard line about 5 rows up for a NFL game one time and i totally felt like a celebrity!

  14. You are a hoot! I was lol about the trash can thing. How funny! You look amazing in your Forever 21 wardrobe. So glad y'all had a fun time!!

  15. I think you are the funniest person I know!!!! (Along with Jennababe, of course!) Anytime I read your blog or hers I laugh OUT LOUD! I love "what you were wearing" and how you thought you could touch the player's butt. HILARIOUS!!!! Have a great weekend, Megan!

  16. How fun!! You guys had great seats!!!! The celebrity name thing cracks me up... If we had one it would be "Geagan" Pronounced "Gay-gan" or "Marrett" Not too cute. hahaha.

  17. That is sooo fun!! You guys were so close, LOL about touching one of the player's butts, hahaha! Super cute post!

  18. MeTree - totally looks like ya'll belong courtside! How fun! You two are so cute!


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