A couple of my favorite blog friends sent an award my way this week: The Rest is Still Unwritten, Mimi's Memories, and With Love from New Orleans gave me this very cute award! Thank you girls for this award. I think you are all FABULOUS!

I have to list 5 of my fabulous addictions and then pass it on to five others. Just five??? I have many addictions, and many blog friends who are very deserving of this award!

In no particular order here they are!

1. Boots
I am a boot crazy girl. I love boots, I love tall boots to wear over skinny jeans, I love short boots to wear with a cute pair of wide legged jeans, I love flat boots, boots with a tall heel, casual boots, dressy boots, black, brown, purple, pink, tan, any color of boots I love them!
I hate the cold weather, but each year I look forward to wearing all of my favorite boots. I am resisting the urge to ask for some more boots for Christmas, but I do have my eye on some that I LOVE.
These boots are from Baker's, and I want them soooo bad. 2. TV on DVD
Yes, this sounds like a weird one, but I truly am addicted to TV on DVD. I have a goal to get the entire DVD series of all of my favorite shows. Clearly I have high goals in my life. Currently I own Dawson's Creek (the entire series) Friends (only season 3, I hang my head in shame) Reba (seasons 2, 4, 5) Beverly Hills 90210 (seasons 1-3) Full House (season 1) Grey's (season 1). If I am ever bored, I would much rather stick in a TV on DVD, than a movie. I just love them so much!
I am asking for 90210 season 4 for Christmas. The new 90210 is nothing compared to this classic!
3. Chick Fila and Subway
I know these are technically two, but I put them as one because they have the same description. For some reason I could never grow tired of food from these two places. I get sick of everything else in my life, but never my Chick or Sub. Luke gets so frustrated with me because I will love a type of food for a while and then all of a sudden start hating it. I begin to hate a particular food so much my stomach turns if I even think about it (this has caused us to have a few pregnancy scares recently, but alas it is just my pickiness) I used to love frozen pizzas, and oatmeal. Currently I want to hurl just mentioning them. But I could eat chick fila for lunch and Subway for dinner (or vice versa) everyday of my life.
And I get the same thing every time:
Subway: Cold Cut Trio on Italian herbs and cheese with ranch dressing. lettuce and green pepppers
Chick Fila: #1 with a diet coke

4. Diet Coke
If you read my last post then you clearly know I am addicted to Diet Coke. It just happened recently. In fact I use to not even drink Diet Coke because I know how bad it is for you. But once I tried it I was hooked. I still try to keep it to just one or two a day. Hopefully just one.

5. Paul Mitchell Straightner
I could not live without my straightner, my hair is just curly enough to not be cute but to be really frizzy. I look at pictures of myself before my beloved straightner came into my life and wonder why I even bothered to get out of bed. Sometimes I wear my hair wavy, but that is just if I am running late and don't have time to straightner it. I NEVER wear it that way by choice. In the past I always used a Chi but then when I lived with my wonderful hairdresser she informed me that Paul Mitchell straightners are better. I agree.

I pass this Fabulous award onto:


Lindsey said...

I love TV on DVD! Especially Dawson's Creek, Full House, Reba, and Friends!

I wish we had a Chick Fila around here, I keep hearing how yummy it is but I never experienced it!

Whitney said...

And now I'm hungry for Chik Fil A!

My home - My life said...

I have NEVER had Chik Fil A - I want to SOOO bad. And I cannot live without by straightner!!!

Stephen and Lacey said...

Meg I think you could make it in India. We have a Subway!!

Rachel H. said...

I love Chick-Fil-A and Subway too! Chick-Fil-A for breakfast, because they have best chicken biscuits in the world. I have been wanting one the past few days.

Faith said...

Congratulations on the award!!! I love your list of addictions!

Mrs. Cup said...

Congrats on your award and thanks for passing it on to me!!

I laughed when you talked about the pregnancy scares. I have such a strong sense of smell (like you), but recently smells have just been making me feel SO sick. I was convinced I was pregnant...but nope! :)

amy (metz) walker said...

Um, we totally have the SAME addictions!

With Love from New Orleans said...

Love the boots! Your number three is hilarious and so true!!!I have been craving BLTS and I am pretty sure I have reached my BLT in-take limit for the year...

The Pink Potpourri said...

congrats on your award! i would have to say my addiction consists of The Office, rasin bran crunch cereal for a snack, skinny vanilla lattes from starbucks, my fav american eagle jeans and my coach purses. man, it is SO hard to come up with just 5!

Jenna said...

Congrats on the award - I second all the very intelligent blog peeps who gave it to you. You are so fab!

And I am not going to say what I want to say (which is we are the same person) because hello, broken record, but I have a strong connection to your list, my friend.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

AH! I loooove chic fil a and subway and I always get the same thing every time I go. And diet coke? Don't even get me started. It's my weakness. Since I became preggers, I had to go to caffeine free, just so I could still get my "fix". It's an addiction. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Julie said...

I can relate to a few of your addictions! Great list!! I love chick fila and subway. Bryan and I are beside ourselves because Moore is getting one!!! I have a Chi flat iron and my life has never been the same!! :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

Thanks for the award! So, I have been looking for some new flat boots. The ones you posted a picture of are on sale right now at Bakers! But you probably already knew that!

MiMi said...

You truly are fabulous! Thanks for playing along and I love all of your addictions! I am completely with you on the Chic-fil-a and Subway. It doesn't help me any that I have a Chic-fil-a right across the street from my work!

Heather said...

You ARE fabulous! I am so with you on the CFA and the straightner...I have a CHI, but the Paul Mitchell will be the next one I get. TV on DVD? LOVE! You have got to get more "Friends", though, girlie!!!