A Story Worth Sharing

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Today I went to check the mail like I usually do. I got the mail and then went back to my car.

As I was walking to my car I thought my hair felt weird, but didn't think anything of it.

So I'm sitting in my car opening up mail (a wedding gift card came woo hoo, gotta love those wedding gifts) I noticed that my hair felt like it was moving, so I shook out my hair and out jumps a HUGE grasshopper.

He then starts frantically jumping around my car as if he is mad that I made him leave his dwelling place ON MY HEAD. So I quickly open my door and he flies (or I guess hops) out.

I was OK for a second and then I thought:

Omigosh, I hope he didn't pee in my hair.


My home - My life said...

I would have completely freaked out! I hate jumping things.... gross!!!

Annikke said...

I got in my car one day and there was a gi-normous grasshopper in there...I have no idea how he got in there! I almost cried like a baby. I called my friend and told her he wouldn't get out and I tried pushing him but he would not go away. I drove home with him in there, jumping around. ew ew ew!

Rebecca Taylor said...

I think I would have PASSED OUT!!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I would have screamed so loud a neighbor would have come out to make sure something terrible didn't just happen!! Although that IS scary :)

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

AHHHHH! I hope he didn't pee. I get SO creeped out when I find a bug on me. It is like the worst thing in the world.

Jenna said...


Kara said...

a) I think you mean sitting in your car opening mail rather then sitting in your hair
b) do grasshoppers pee?

Faith said...

Oh my word! Can I just tell you how badly I would have been freaking out!!! I had a mailbox incident recently with a spider...now I'm afraid to check the mail! Ha!

Weeksie50 said...

I would have been screaming! Grasshoppers freak me out..lol. Weird I know..