What I did this Weekend.....

210 Addressed Envelopes
210 Inner Envelopes
210 Invitations
210 RSVP Postcards
210 Forever Stamps
210 Postcard Stamps
1 Glue Pen
1 Glue Stick

2 days of stuffing, gluing, rubbing to make sure they stay glued and repeating

210 invitations, stuffed, addressed, stamped, sealed, and ready to go = GLORIOUS SUCCESS!!


liz said...

AMAZING! I am so glad that everything worked out! Done.

Jayma said...

Yea for you!!!

DeWood said...

all that, and you're still smiling in the end! : )

Bob said...

Just for the record her fiance helped....a lot.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is kinda deceiving. It looks as if you did it all by yourself, but Bob says the fiance helped a lot.

hayden said...

That was a cute post :) So I'm guessing you're only about a month away from the big day!!!

Summer said...

Your invitations are so pretty.