Yay!!! We got our pictures! I am so excited!
We hired Jesse Reich to do both our engagement pictures and Wedding day pictures.
We had such a great time walking around downtown taking these pictures!! it was a verrry windy day and I was really nervous about how they would turned out, but the wind actually worked to our advantage in a few of them! He did such a great job on our engagements - that it makes us really excited to see how our wedding pictures will turn out.
Here are 10 of our favorites....Enjoy!


crystalzaragoza said...

These are beautiful. You guys look like the inserts they put in new picture frames. :)

Liz said...

they are alright.

Julia said...

I just found your blog today...and I just had to tell you how adorable you guys are. Good luck and God Bless you both with your wedding :)

Jayma said...

i LLOOOOOOOOOVVEE the first one.

Kelly said...

Those pictures are AWESOME!!! Ya'll look like you could be in a magazine!