Happy Birthday!!!

Today is a very special day. Luke (the cutest boyfriend in the whole world) was born this day 24 years ago!! Since today is Thursday Thirteen I thought I could list 13 of my favorite things about him....but that is waaaay to cheesy for me. So I will just post a couple of fun pictures in honor of his birthday. He will love it! (not really)

This is Luke and I on a snow day (no work!) He LOVES the cold. This is something that I will never understand about him. I do not like the cold.

Luke's graduation day!! May 2007. It was a fun day! (I also graduated that day, even though a walked the year before)

His first love is the guitar, so sometimes he forgets that I'm not a guitar and he picks me up and holds me like a guitar....

Even though most of our pictures seem normal: the following are two examples of what I go through just to get him to take a normal pictures....he keeps things exciting!

Happy Birthday Luke! I'm glad you were born!


Summer said...

You guys are cute!

mandy said...

he's cute!

found you through summer's blog.

Jayma Denice said...

I really liked this post. Thank you for not being a disgusting couple that makes out in public and writes ridiculously sweet things for everyone to read.