Best Sellers

This past week I hosted my annual Fall/Winter Scentsy open house for all my customers to come smell new scents and pick up a new catalog.

I love doing this because I'm able to visit with my customers and give them some fun samples while also answering questions they have.

This year was really fun because it was my first open house in our new house so I had a lot of my new friends from our neighborhood stop by and pick out scents. I love introducing people to Scentsy, they always love it!

There are so many new great scents and warmers so I thought I would share some that I've noticed to be the most popular so far this season.

This is by far my most popular warmer right now - which is funny cause it's not even new to this catalog, but I have one in my house and I think when people see how pretty it is they want to order it. All the warmers are pretty in the catalog but they are so much prettier in person!

This gorgeous warmer which donates proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation is another big seller right now: (MUCH prettier in person)

And the warmer of the month this month that is 10% off is Grateful Harvest

Of course the Fall/Winter and Holiday scents are extremely popular right now. It's hard to pick my favorite so my top three right now are: Cedar Cider, Pomegranate Pear, and Shimmer But really you can't go wrong with most of the scents. And there are so many options, there is something for everyone!

Some of my popular scents during this time are:
Pumpkin Roll
Christmas Cottage
Peppermint Dreams
Autumn Sunset
Orange you Glad
Silver Bells 

As always be sure and checkout the CLOSEOUT section on my website. So many great deals on tons of products. These would be great for teacher gifts and other "random" gifts you are faced with during the upcoming holiday season.

Let me know if you have any questions or need anything!


Meal Planning. Again.

Sometimes I feel awesome, and sometimes I don't. 

I feel like my awesomeness happens every other week.

For example if I'm awesome this week, it means next week I will for sure be a total and utter train wreck.

And my awesomeness is in regards to all areas of life; wife, mom, friend, director, homemaker, etc etc.

Some weeks I'm spot on. Clean house, plenty of play time with Eli, meals planned and on the table every night, meaningful convos with Luke, caught up on all Scentsy to-dos etc etc. Basically just a rockstar at life.

And then some weeks I'm a disaster. No meals planned, scrambling around trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, pit of a house, behind on all to-do lists and so on - which all adds up to me feeling awful about myself.

Usually you can tell what my emotional state is based on how our fridge looks. If its clean and everything is put away all nice and its freshly stocked then I'm having a good week. But if it's disgusting and full of leftovers from last week that need to be trashed and random odds and ends that wouldn't make a good meal when put together, then I'm having a bad week.

The truth is in the fridge.

I try not to let the state of our fridge affect my emotions. But sometimes it's hard. I will declare I'm the "worst mom, wife, fill-in-the-blank" ever. And then I'll get over it and move on.

One thing that I have found really helps me stay on top of things is meal planning. I was really good at meal planning at the beginning of our marriage and when Eli was a baby. And then last year we moved and were sort of in transition for about 6 months and I let myself get out of the habit of doing it.

But I'm trying to get back into the routine of meal planing. Life seems to go more smoothly if I start the week with all our meals planned. It takes so much stress out of the week.

So I'm going to try and get back into the habit of sharing our meals on here, basically for record for myself of what I've cooked and what we like.

For some reason when I'm sitting down trying to plan meals I can't remember a single meal and end up doing basic things like spaghetti and tacos every other night. So hopefully keeping track of them will help me.

For the majority of our meals I will cook the main dish and then we will cook some veggies with it. In the past I did a big meal with several sides but it got to be too much. We save money by buying a ton of those frozen veggies that you steam in the microwave and just throw it with whatever meal I cook. It doesn't always go together but it works for us.

Two weeks ago was a rock star awesome week.....Our meals:

Sunday: Pioneer Woman Beef Noodle Salad Bowls
This is a meal we cook often and we love it. I could eat these noodles every single day! We usually eat ours with broccoli mixed in.

Monday: Penne with Mustard, Basil and Sausage via The Dough Will Rise Again
Gosh this recipe is so good. SO GOOD. It's probably my favorite recipe right now. I serve with some veggie and bread.

Tuesday: Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla Pie via The Girl Who Ate Everything
This is an easy and quick meal but also really good and filling. I've made it a couple of times and Luke always talks about how good it is. I only put jalapenos on half of it because I'm the only one who likes a little spice in their meal.

Wednesday: Crock pot Chicken - no recipe, if I'm running out of ideas, or didn't go to the store, or trying to save money I will just throw some chicken in the crock pot and put something on it. This time it was taco seasoning and salsa.

Thursday: Italian Mini Meatloaves

Last week wasn't so awesome and consisted of tacos and trying to throw something together the other nights. I don't even remember what we had but I do know one night I made Lemon Chicken Soup that I found on Kate's blog. And it was DELICIOUS! It was the perfect meal to eat as we welcomed in cooler weather.

I planned to meal plan tonight but got distracted doing other things including writing this out. Hopefully I will get the next week planned before the end of the day tomorrow.

I also really need to clean my fridge.


Weekend update

Friday was the day that Fall dreams are made of, well at least my dreams.

It was cool without being cold. 

It was an overcast day without being rainy and dreary.

We wore long sleeves and pants and it was perfect. 

Fridays are probably my most favorite day of the week. I love to cook a good meal and dessert on Fridays and enjoy the evening with my family. Bonus points if we don't have plans the next day and get to go to sleep knowing that the next day is full of nothing. 

This Friday was a little different though, Luke and I had a wedding to go to, which essentially meant we had a date night. 

Any night just the two of is with uninterrupted convo is a date night. I'll be honest and say that we aren't good about "date nights". So actually going out and getting a babysitter was a bit out of the norm for us, but very much anticipated. Even Eli was excited to have a babysitter for the night!

I was afraid Annie would cry a lot as she has been rather attached to me lately but she did fine after we left. 

The wedding was beautiful and we enjoyed a dinner together. It was perfect. 

On Saturday we lounged around most of the day. Luke and Eli have a tradition of making pancakes most Saturday mornings so they did that while I fed Annie. 

We played outside most of the morning and went to the park before naptime for Eli and Annie. 

I used naptime to read Gone Girl which turned out to be an incredibly creepy book. Creepy, but kept my full attention.

For dinner we went to a restaurant and ate outside. Eli was able to run around which is always perfect for a 3 year old. 

It was a gorgeous night and we all enjoyed being outside.

Sunday after church we went to a work party that Luke's company holds every year. I get excited to go cause I know Eli will love it. And he did. He got his face painted and jumped on several inflatables and looked at (but didn't touch) various "extreme animals" (snakes, a baby kangaroo, a porcupine). It was a fun event and a changeup from our normal quiet Sundays. 

The weekend was a great one....even though it started out feeling like Fall but Sunday afternoon it was downright hot. It still felt very fall-like

Hopefully Fall weather will be here to stay soon!  


Our day on Wednesday

Recently when  my parents moved my mom found an old journal buried in a box. It was a journal she started when me and my middle sister were young and when my mom was still pregnant with my youngest sister.

She texted me a picture of the journal so that I could read it and although it was just a normal-everyday "mundane" day in our lives at that point (year 1992) it was so fun and interesting to look back on now.

She talked about going to the doctor, and going to check on the new house with me and my sister and other random tid bits from that particular day. I loved reading every bit of it in my now adult eyes looking back on my childhood. Not only looking back on my childhood but also looking back at my parents as actual people. At the time they were fearless, confident, and worry-free in my eyes, but now being in their shoes I see they were just practically kids themselves, figuring out this life day to day.

I texted my mom and asked her to send me the other pages that it was so fun to read, and she texted back that she only kept the journal that one day. Well that was a big disappointment! I would have loved to read all about the normal days of my childhood from my mom's perspective. Her thoughts, concerns, attitude and just view on our life, the life I remember so fondly.

Because of that incident I've been encouraged to journal more in my life. I have no idea what the world will look like when my children are older, but I think it would be so neat for them to have memories of what the world looked like when they were little, when their parents were new to this parenting thing figuring it out every step of the way.

I would like to make a commitment to write more just day to day memories but I've never been good with commitments so like I do everything I will just take it day by day. I want to be more active about writing down our memories and journaling our pics. I want my kids to not just look back at the pictures but to look at the background, to see that our house was usually messy, and some days we had bad days, and that's ok, that's normal!

So today I made an effort to take pics throughout the day. Nothing extraordinary happened and it was pretty much a regular run of the mill day, but everyday is different and I want to do my best to record the memories both the big and small.

So here was our day Wednesday October 1st.

I started my day at 5:30 by waking up for boot camp. I've started going with a friend recently and I'm really enjoying it. I have seen NO difference in my body but I also continue to eat like a person who hasn't seen food in a week. It could be the fault of nursing, or perhaps eating like a cow for a year while pregnant. Either way I've still got a ways to go before I get into my regular clothes again. But boot camp is fun and it's nice to be awake before the family.

I got back around 7:10 and started picking up around the house while Luke got ready for work. Shortly after that the kiddos woke up and we started our day.

Eli has school on Wednesdays so our morning was a bit more hurried than other mornings. Luke left for work while Annie and Eli enjoyed their breakfast.

Cereal for Annie

Waffles on the floor while watching Daniel Tiger for Eli

I dropped Eli off at school and met up with Luke for Eli's "parent teacher conference". It was a little funny to have a "conference" for a three year old but I'm glad his school makes the effort to keep parent's connected. Plus it was good to spend some time with Luke during the day.

 Then I went to run some errands.

Around 11:00 I went to get my hair done. The other day I was thinking about the days when I would get my hair done every 6 weeks on the dot. That is a DISTANT memory now. I get my hair done about 3 times a year at tops. And that's just if we have extra money to put towards it. I hope to be blonde again one day when I can handle the upkeep but for now brown hair is easier to maintain.

A friend from bootcamp did my hair, it was nice to visit with her. She homeschools her kids so her young daughters were more than happy to watch Annie most of the time. It was a nice couple of hours.

After my hair cut and color I went home, ate a fast lunch and then went to get Eli. He had a great day at school (as usual).

 After I got Eli we stopped at Braums to get chocolate milk (a necessity in our house). He really wanted to drink it in the store but I needed to get home to feed Annie so I asked for a cup and poured him a cup right there in the store so he could feel like he was drinking it there. I felt half genius and half ghetto. Which could sum up my life.

Then we came home and played in the playroom for a bit and then outside for awhile.

Then Luke came home and we ate dinner that I had put in the crockpot earlier in the day (HOLLA). It was not a peaceful dinner but rather one filled with "life" (that's a good way to say it). Eli didn't want to eat and Annie was screaming in between bites.

Eli and Luke went to church and Annie and I went to Target to get our weekly necessities. 

We all arrived back home around 8:30 in time to start bedtime and get the house picked up for the night.

On a whim I purchased Gone Girl on my Kindle so now I'm going to read that. Well it wasn't really a whim but rather seeing 200 commercials for it and deciding I should read it.

So that was our day. We stayed busy all day, but it was a good day!


I broke his heart.

One of the best parts of parenting is watching your child's personality grow and develop right before your eyes.

Well I guess I should also say that it can be scary watching it develop. Like when a temper flares or you see a characteristic that reminds you of yourself - possibly something that is opposite of the fruits of the spirit, that can be scary.

But for the most part it is exciting to watch this person that you helped bring into the world become, well for lack of better words an actual person. A thinking, creating, functioning human being.

As Eli and grown and his personality has developed one trait that we have noticed in him is that he LOVES to be funny. The boy will do anything to get a laugh. Don't bother telling him he is "good" or "smart" or "cute" he doesn't care about those things, simply tell him he's funny and he will think you hung the moon.

And then use one of his many tactics to make you laugh. He sings songs in funny voices, makes funny faces and does just about anything for a laugh.

Sounds harmless enough. Which it usually is, however there is a problem with this......once he finds something that makes you laugh he will do it ONE MILLION TRILLION TIMES.

Seriously. don't laugh at something the boy does unless you want to watch it repeated and repeated and repeated.

About two months ago we were all in the car when Eli saw a McDonalds and very casually said "oh I want to go to McDonalds". Luke and I laughed because it was funny. We have never taken him to McDonalds, simply because we never really eat there. Luke doesn't eat any fast food, and for some reason Eli and I have never gone there (probably because we are too busy giving our life savings to Chick Fila).

Anyways, Eli said he wanted to go to McDonalds and we laughed. It was funny, our laughs were genuine. He said it in this funny little voice also which made it funnier.

Then we saw another McDonald's and Eli said "Oh I want to go to McDonald's" again in the same funny voice and we laughed. It was funny. Again.

And then we saw another McDonald's.......

Have you ever realized how many McDonald's there are in a town? A lot. A LOT.

A month went by and Eli still said it every single time we passed a McDonald's. Please hear me when I say I am NOT exaggerating. This child can be half asleep, about to enter nap land and see a McDonald's and still muster the energy to say it. Nothing stops him. And if we don't laugh he will get mad and say it until we laugh. Over and over.

One Saturday while driving around town Luke and I started talking about how to get this to end. I'm going to be honest. It was driving us insane.

We tried just not acknowledging what he said. Didn't work.

We tried over exaggerated fake laughs thinking he would sense the fakeness and quit saying it. Didn't work.

Finally I said I was just going to tell him it wasn't funny. The time had come. A month had gone by of forced laughs every time we passed a McDonald's and Eli needed to know it wasn't really funny.

Pretty soon we passed a McDonald's and we heard the familiar "Oh I want to go to McDonald's".....I took a deep breathe and turned around to face him.

And this is what I said "Baby, I have to tell you something, it's not really funny anymore. The first time you said that it was funny, but now it's not. It's just not funny anymore so you should stop saying it ok?"

I mean......WHAT KIND OF MOTHER DOES THAT? But I had had enough, I broke. The repetitiveness of the same sentence every couple of miles BROKE ME.

I don't really know what I was expecting from him after that. He's three, it was highly unlikely that he would say "ok mother that's a very good point thank you" but I had to say it.

I looked at Eli and he looked back at me and in his eyes I saw heartbreak. True and actual heartbreak. It was like I had shattered his whole world. He loves to be funny and in one instant this person he thought he could trust just told him he wasn't funny.

And then the tears came, the real actual tears. Not fake tears a three year old pulls trying to get what they want, or even tears of anger. These were tears of pain, actual hurt.

Instantly I felt horrible. What did it matter if it wasn't really funny? Was it so bad to fake laugh every so often? If it wasn't hurting anything why did I feel the need to make sure Eli knew that it wasn't funny?

It just all seemed so silly in that moment. He is going to go through this life and have moments where he is let down, moments where people hurt him and moments that he feels bad about himself. As his mom I want to protect him from these moments but they are a part of life I can't. However in this situation I could, and I felt like I let him down.

Immediately after he started crying and tears started streaming down his face Luke and I both started shouting "JUST KIDDING, IT WAS JUST A JOKE IT'S SOOOOOOOOO FUNNY YOU ARE THE FUNNIEST BOY EVERRRRRRRRR"

What did it matter if it drove us crazy when he said it 30 times in one car ride? It wasn't hurting anything, it won't last forever, so for now we will fake laugh.

It's now been a month since that day and we still fake laugh daily. Multiple times in fact. He has completely forgotten that I ever told him it wasn't funny and that's ok with me. For now I will continue to protect his little heart.

However, if McDonald's goes out of business anytime soon we won't be too sad over here. 


Thoughts and Pics

I feel like I have so much to say on here but finding time to sit down and get it all out is challenging.

And honestly I don't really know where my time goes. I wouldn't call my self a "busy" person. I think we tend to throw that word around a lot. Right now I feel like the only thing that keeps me busy is stopping every 3 hours for about 30 minutes to feed Annie. Now that's a major time suck.

In between that I'm trying to keep the house clean (key word is trying), working on various Scentsy tasks, working on household tasks, and keeping the children entertained. I've even let working out fall to the side lately which I hate.

But here we are at the beginning of September. It's the downward slide of the year, but oddly enough feels like a time for a fresh start. Fall is upon us, the routine of school days and meal planning and all of that is becoming the norm again. So I'm trying to incorporate blogging back into that.

Last week I went to Tulsa and kept my nephews while my sister and her husband went out of town. It was a fun and CRAZY week. Annie and my youngest nephew are two months apart so it made for some interesting days. luckily we stayed with my parents so by 4:30 I was pretty much "off duty".

Because I need time to gather my thoughts to write about all the things I want to write about (breastfeeding the 2nd time around, Eli's adjustment to Annie, the riveting Saved by the Bell movie I watched tonight (see not busy), possibly starting weight watchers again) I decided the easiest thing tonight would be for me to share some pics of my favorite products from the new Scentsy catalog that came out TODAY!!

(I already got this for the kid's bathroom since I was planning on doing a "you are my sunshine" theme in there)

(this warmer is 10% off this month and is beyond popular, I've already sold over 20)

(proceeds from this warmer go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation)

I don't know how Scentsy continues to come up with all these awesome designs but they do! I'm loving it all!

As always you can order from my website HERE

And if you are looking to make extra money please email me and let's chat about how Scentsy might be the right fit for you. Maybe you need extra money for Christmas this year or all the back to school needs? Email me! MeganTree84@gmail.com

Ok that's all for tonight, I'll be back with some real content hopefully tomorrow, but for now enjoy the pics!


Eli's First Day

Last year Eli started attending a Mother's Day Out program two days a week.

When he started we were in between homes renting a house that hapened to be pretty close to his school.  When we found and moved into our new house in November I quickly realized that his new school was a bit further than I wanted to drive.

It wasn't a horribly long drive, but now that I have a baby in tow I started thinking about how nice it would be if I didn't have to spend about 30 minutes in the car both ways. So I started looking for an opening at a school closer to us, and thankfully I found one.

I was sad to leave his school, it had a smaller feel and I really liked the teachers there, but I also know he's only three where he goes to a preschool two days a week doesn't define the rest of his life. And right now distance is important.

Although we had a great summer and stayed busy Eli was ready to go to school. He loves school and being around other kids, which makes me happy. I'm not counting on it always being this way so I'm enjoying it for now.



Because my car is still in the shop I had to drive Luke's truck to drop Eli off at school. I was more nervous about the truck than anything. I was so scared about driving the truck, especially in a crowded parking lot full of lots of children! I was the person who parked in the very back of the parking lot that day.

Eli had been SO excited all morning and was very wound up. He very confidently marched into school and his classroom. He went straight to his cubby hole that he recognized from the open house the night before and started putting his stuff up.

I got one really bad picture of him putting his lunch box up, I tried to snap it really quickly and discreetly cause I didn't want to look like a crazy mom taking pics of her child's every move. Then I realized other mom's were taking pictures also and I'm just the crazy insecure mom.

By the time I got done with my insecurity rabbit trail in my head it was too late to take a pic of him hanging his bag up, so I just told him to stand by it so I could take a picture.

Luke picked him up and said he had a great day. He said that music was his favorite part of the day (of course).

That night he was so tired and went to sleep early, now I remember why I like this school thing. I kid, I kid, but it was nice to not have to fight him at bedtime.

He had another great day again today and again said that his favorite part was music. I asked him who he played with and he said "the kid who runs fast and the boy with the firetruck on his shirt". Clearly they aren't on a first name basis yet.

So our summer is officially over. And as Eli goes back to "school" and I watch other moms send their kids to real school where they will be gone all day I'm thankful for yet another year at home with my babies.


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