Baby #3 Nursery Bedding

Hey all!!

I've been trying to figure out what to do for baby bedding for the new baby and recently designed the cutest bedding set on the Carousel Designs website.

I received an email yesterday that the bedding I designed was chosen as a finalist in a contest and if I get the most "likes" on Facebook then I will win a gift card to purchase the bedding. This would be AMAZING.

SO, would you please please take a minute to go on your Facebook account and vote for this bedding? Here is the picture of what I designed.

Here is a link which would hopefully take you to the page to vote for my picture: LINK TO VOTE

If that doesn't work simply:
1. Log on to your FB Account
2. Type in Carousel Designs in the search bar
3. Scroll down till you see their album of finalists to vote for which looks like this:

And then click on my picture and "like" it.

Thank you so much! I've never done anything like this before and feel weird asking people to go vote for me, BUT ALSO it would be amazing to have the baby bedding all taken care of! I would love to win. 

Thanks again! 


The Stop Light

The other night, Luke and I were able to sneak away from the house and kids and go out for some dessert and talking without interruptions.

I brought my 2016 Dream Sheets that I got off of Jennie Allen's blog to go over with Luke. I filled these out the first week of the new year and I absolutely loved the way they made me look back over my past year. When I did them they prompted me to take inventory of the past year, see what I did that I liked, what I want to continue to do and what I didn't like and want to change in the next year.

I voiced to Luke that I felt like I didn't accomplish a lot this year. Yes I took care of our household and all that comes with raising kids, preparing meals and so forth, but I didn't really accomplish a lot. In fact most times after the kids went to bed I went straight to bed. I did spend half the year pregnant, mostly sick and tired (wow that makes me sound like a JOY), but I really feel like that wasn't an excuse. I should have done more with my time.

While talking to Luke I found myself using the word "intention" a lot. I want to live this year with intention. One thing that really discouraged me was I felt like I lived a lot of 2015 worrying about the dumbest things. And that sort of sickens me to look back and only remember worry. The past year was a year of my children's lives, a year in my marriage, a year of having fun with friends and growing with our church family and doing so many amazing things, yet it looks like there was a cloud of worry over it all because I GAVE so much of my own time to worry. I definitely want to change that going forward.

Throughout the past year Luke mentioned to me many times that he was worried that I never did anything for myself.  Most of the time when I was doing something it was for our house or the kids, but I never took the time to actually take care of myself which obviously isn't good. He asked me to try and sit down and write for 30 minutes everyday. He knows that this is a way I process life, by sitting and writing things out and that I enjoy it and he thought it would be good for me to try and do it everyday.

I listened to his encouragement and started trying to write everyday.  Most nights after the kids go to bed I sit down and write. Sometimes it is 30 min and sometimes it is five minutes. Sometimes it's a journal of sorts just going through what I did and thought and felt that day, sometimes it's a prayer journal and sometimes it's me writing out what I felt like God was showing me that day.

I love doing this. In the last year I feel like God spoke to me many times, but its all jumbled in my mind somewhere, by sitting and writing it all out it helps it "stick" and I actually process it better.

And as I've mentioned before I'm a sharer by nature. Sometimes when God puts something on my heart I want to share it and recently when I was writing He brought something to my heart that I wanted to share....

The other day we were driving to church and I was sitting at a red light at an intersection. For some reason at this moment Annie started screaming "GO GO GO". I of course dismissed her screaming and waited till the light turned green. If you are a parent you have probably mastered the art of "tuning out". Which maybe I should say if you are a "mother" because I have found that Luke is not able to tune out the kids as well as I am. But they can be going crazy in the back of the car and I can have my tunes playing up front not even paying attention to their antics.

Anyways, we pulled up to another red light at a busy intersection and again she started screaming "GO GO GO". I have no idea why she was so insistent on going that day, but the fact that we were stopped was not fitting into her timeline. And she was very adamant and pushy about it.

Not only is she one and doesn't understand that we can't pull out, but she's also rear facing, she can't even see what's going on out there, yet she wants to GO GO GO.  I could see and I knew that there was no way we could go forward into traffic.

And in that moment I felt that gentle "nudge" the one that says "learn from this", "remember this",  "you are not too different from your one year old". Right now in life I feel like I'm at a standstill, I can see things way ahead that I want to accomplish but right now there is a red light in front of me, I want to yell GO GO GO at the Lord and in fact have done so many times. But all I hear is "wait". I can't see in front of me and I have no idea what the road looks like, it could be filled with traffic and whizzing cars and the Lord is protecting me by sitting still. Yet I go crazy, I yell at Him to just GO pull out, I don't care what it's like, please for the love just move this car. Yet he remains faithful. He doesn't go just because I tell him to. He knows what is next and He knows what the timeline looks like and He waits for that perfect moment to move forward. Just as I'm protecting my children by not moving into oncoming traffic He is protecting us. Patiently sitting at the red light because it's common sense, when my inner child just wants to go, He waits for the best time.

I thought about that scenario all day, and how pushy I can be. And it's almost laughable. Why do I think I know what is best for me? Why do I try and take charge when I can't even see what's in front of me? Why not simply trust the One who can see it all and knows what is best.

I love when little moments like that happen and I feel that nudge from the Lord.  It is definitely our tendency as humans to try and do things our own way and take charge, so I'm thankful for moments like this when the Lord reminds me to stop, wait, and trust. What a good reminder.


On Working Out and Pregnancy

Can we talk about something for a minute? I want to share my thoughts on working out while pregnant. I know nobody likes to even talk about working out normally let alone while pregnant but I have some things to discuss.

First of all I feel like pregnancy is this giant science experiment. And if you experience it more than once it's an even bigger experiment because you can compare and contrast one pregnancy to the other.

Or maybe that's just me and my crazy over analytical brain.

So here we go with my experiment...

First pregnancy. I did nothing. Like literally you couldn't have paid me to work out. At the time I had an office job where I sat at a computer all day and I remember complaining about how hard that was.

I'm sorry what? First pregnancy Megan was a bit out of touch.

Don't you know seasoned moms around me secretly laughed at me and silently threw up prayers for the naive mom who had no idea what was ahead. First time moms really are a special treat. But every mom needs to go through those first time mom emotions. It's just the rite of passage to think you need to have the nursery fully stocked ready to go 4 months before your due date, stress about what to take with you to the hospital and think that life is so hard when you have one newborn who sleeps 92% of the time.

Back to my experiment first pregnancy Megan sat and ate and ate and drank Coke like it was water.

And then I gained roughly 45-50 pounds.

Second pregnancy: I was a changed Megan. I had seen the error of my ways and decided while pregnant this second time I wouldn't consider a dozen chocolate donuts a well-rounded meal. I was going to maintain normal eating BUT with an added bonus I would factor in some physical movement. Something which seemed too daunting the first go round.

So I sort of watched what I ate and literally walked 2 miles on the treadmill everyday.
On an incline. I feel like the "on an incline" gives me bonus points so this is where you "ohhhh and ahhhh"

And what do ya know, I gained roughly around 45-50 pounds.

There's a theme in my experiment.

And now here we are 3rd pregnancy. Which could go one of two ways:

1. I could see how my lifestyle the first pregnancy was not healthy or productive and it's a part of my history that doesn't need to be repeated.

2. I could see how my lifestyle the second pregnancy did nothing to produce different results so instead of living that way again I'm going to eat what I want and do what I want and say screw it.

I'm gentle with my words I know.

I opted for a little of both. I've maintained a pretty consistent workout schedule this time. Going to bootcamp throughout the week and walking some on the treadmill.

I still have moments where I don't eat the best but for the most part I eat well.

This pregnancy has been a bit different from the others in the fact that I was so sick at the beginning I lost weight before I started going up (and up).

And now at 24 weeks I've gained the same amount I did with both pregnancies. The same exact amount.

So here's my theory.......

Your body does whatever the heck it wants when you're pregnant.

In fact I think God is like whoa, I've given you a free pass. Your body has one job right now, to grow, support, and foster a home for a growing person.


Kick your feet up.

Take a break.

Ear four s'mores pop tarts a day.

Ok maybe not the last one - but you get the general idea.

And this is not theologically based, please don't be confused about that part.

And maybe this is only coming from a place of guilt because, just today in the wee hours of the morning when my alarm clock went off I opted to hit snooze three times before ultimately deciding my body was a wonderland that didn't need to be put through a rigorous workout and rolled over and enjoyed more time in the comfort of my very soft and warm bed.

So as for my resolution with my experiment I'm going to do what I feel. If I feel like working out I'm going to do it, if I don't then I'm not going to stress about what a slacker I am.

And still try, just try to do a little more jumping jacks and a little less nutella. We'll see...


Getting ready for Three

Two years ago I wrote a post for What to Expect regarding my thoughts on becoming a mom of two.

And now here we are, 24 months later two kids under my belt and one in my belly, getting ready to meet us here in a few months and I'm going through some of those same thoughts.

Some of them. Not all. In ways I'm wiser. It's been two years since that post, almost two years since we added another child to our family and I've learned a lot in those two years.

So in some ways I'm prepared this time. I'm not concerned about our routine getting messed up, because we will find a new routine with our new baby brother. I'm not concerned about Eli and Annie adjusting because they will adjust. And just as it happens to me and Luke every time they will find themselves more in love with this new baby than they ever thought possible.

Sure he will annoy them at times, and they might be upset because life will be a little different at first and they will now share me with another sibling, which could take a bit to get used to, but it will happen. They will get used to it, and they will forget what life was like before. A new baby does that, it takes you by surprise in every way, the amount of love you feel and the way it takes history and almost erases it. The worries and concerns and fears you had before this baby come seem to disappear the moment that baby rests in your arms. It's like the magic of a new baby.

And after five years of being a mom I know I still have a lot (A LOT) to learn but I've also learned a lot through these last years.

I've learned not to stress about what life will be like after the baby gets here. We will find our groove like we always do. Up and downs, highs and lows, together we weather it all.

I've learned to not obsess about my weight. I will lose it....eventually. And if it doesn't come off right away well I have the rest of my life to get it off. Right now I have babies that need a mama who loves herself for who she is - not one consumed with her appearance and how she "feels" in clothes.

I've learned that I don't need a fully stocked, picture perfect nursery. Give me a cradle next to my bed, some diapers & wipes, a couple of baby gowns and good breast pads and we're good to go.

I've learned to not say things like "I will look cute when I deliver my baby" because then they come at the oddest times and I look like a hot mess.

I know I will sleep again.

And I will live outside of the "eats every 3 hours" increments again.

And most importantly I've learned that my heart can and will stretch, and when it seems I can't possibly love somebody else as much as I love Eli and Anniston I will find room in my heart and that love that caught me off guard the first two times will again find it's place. How is it possible to love another being so much? I have no idea but a mom's heart knows.  



I am truly disappointed in myself that my blog has gone to the way-side. I've always enjoyed writing and storytelling and memory journaling so I thought for sure I would keep up with my blog, but alas Life took over and it got pushed aside.

And I would be lying a little if I said I just got too "busy" for blogging, because really I make sure that I don't get too busy. But blogging just became….well almost complicated. I became unsure of how much I should post about my kids and our lives and I let other worries about "blogging" bog me down and I quit doing what I love, and that is simply sharing my heart.

I'm a story teller by nature though so the "notes" section in my phone is FULL of stories I feel prompted to write about, or journals of experiences I'm going through in the moment or ways in which I feel God is teaching me something and I must write it out. Writing just comes natural to me. If I feel God is teaching me something I want to share it from the rooftops because I want to live an authentic life. A life changed by Him and I want Him to use me to help change others. So instead of shouting it from the rooftops I add it to the notes section in my phone. Equally as effective.

When I was younger I would stay with my grandparents and I would sit next to my grandpa and type on the typewriter he set up for me. I would type poems, short stories, and anything that came to my mind. It wasn't profound, and like now, my grammar wasn't always on par and sometimes I need to do a better job of proofreading but it was a way for me to express myself. I love to share, and sometimes I over-share, but writing is a way I do that.

So I'm excited to announce that I have teamed up with a group of women who are all incredible writers to form a blog for women called Presence Woman. It's still in the early stages, but I will be writing over there come January, so stay tuned for more details and links! I am honored to have been chosen and am hoping this gives me the kick in the rear I need to sit down and do what I love - story tell.

Switching gears….COMPLETELY,
But I know a lot of my Scentsy customers read my blog, my Scentsy business is very much still up and going and thriving. I say it often, so much that it has become cliche and redundant but I can't believe what a blessing this business has been.

I send a a personal newsletter each month to all my customers with news and personal specials. These personal specials are only available through me and usually the only way to find out about them is through my newsletter. If you want to receive these newsletters please email me at MeganTree84{at}gmail{dot}com and I will add you. Make the subject line NEWSLETTER so that I will be sure and see it.

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So there's an update from me about two of my "work" areas right now in this season of life; writing and Scentsy. I'm excited to be writing more in the new year and I would love for you to follow along!


Baby Tree #3!

A couple of months ago, while on vacation in Colorado with our family I told Luke that I felt like we were done having kids. We had our boy and our girl and it just seemed like we were done.

Three days later I took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant! Unexpectedly pregnant but pregnant for sure.

We have since decided that I felt that "done" feeling because I subconsciously knew that I had a baby inside of me and now that we had three babies I felt done.

So ready or not, our baby BOY is coming in March!!!

Ironically we found out we were having a boy the exact same day we found out we were having a boy five years ago.

I'm now 17 weeks and feeling really good. For the first 14 weeks I was sick sick sick. The sickest I've been out of all my pregnancies. I am so thankful to be feeling better and back to my old eating-all-the-time self! 

We are praying that I do not have placenta previa this time around, but we know regardless the situation is completely in God's hands. He has shown time and time again that He knows what is best for us and our lives are completely in His hands - so we choose to trust Him completely.

We have a couple of names that we are tossing around but nothing that we are set on yet. Eli is very set on naming the baby Joey Michaenagelo and came close to tearing up today when I told him we weren't going to name him Joey Michaelangelo. I felt bad and had a crazy moment when I told Luke maybe we should think about considering that name. I've heard of older siblings naming their kids and thought it was sweet but we decided maybe Eli's name choice wasn't out favorite.

So that's the latest update in our lives. Baby Tree #3 coming in March!  Hopefully I will post updates as the pregnancy progresses, but considering I always make plans to come blog and never do I can't make any promises with myself.


Fall, Fall, Fall, lets have a ball!

September 1st. I know I'm going to sound like the most predictable person in the world but I woke up this morning and though "ahhh, I really want to bake some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins". I don't think I've ever even made those before but for some reason the realization that today was September made me want to make them. I've also though several times today that I wanted to go get a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks which is REALLY ridiculous cause I think that every year and then when I get one I'm reminded that I hate them. Maybe it's just tradition, perhaps I will go get one today.

I was proclaiming my giddiness for Fall the other day to Luke and said something about other people being excited and he said he didn't think others got as excited about Fall as we do. Clearly the man has yet to be introduced to the world of Pinterest. My feed has been nothing but preparations for Fall since June 15th. And I've been happy to pin away.

Although I always get a bit perplexed about when is the appropriate time to set out my Fall decorations. I want to get in the fall spirit but it's a little hard when it's still over 90 degrees outside. I think I will wait till mid-September. Surely it will be cooler by then.

Besides all the pinning of fall outfits, and decorations and recipes another event that makes me feel fall ready is back to school. I've always loved back to school, just the "newness" and "freshness" in the air (I think I made those two words up). It's such a fun time!

This was the first year since I graduated college that I actually participated in back to school Not for myself (can I get a big PRAISE GOD, I hope to never go back to school as a student again), but instead for my child. This year Eli started Pre-K! Can't believe the time has come for my first baby to be in school.

He only goes 2 1/2 hours a day but he is going to a 'real" elementary school everyday and it just feels all too real.

I will admit I spent a lot of time being sad about Eli starting school. Because some people opt not to do Pre-K I worried maybe I was making a mistake. If it's not necessary should I really send him? And so on the questions came.

But after even just the first "meet the teacher" event I knew it was the right decision. Really, in my heart I knew it was the right decision all summer but I still allowed myself to doubt and question. Which was all for nothing because it was a great decision. We are only in our third week of school but I know this will be a great year.

Eli goes to afternoon Pre-K so we have all morning to do whatever we need to do, or simply hang at home in our PJ's. I love that our mornings haven't been disprutped, we eat breakfast and watch shows and play outside and we don't feel rushed at all.

Then after lunch he heads to school. I've tried to get Annie to nap while he is at school, which if she does it gives me 2 1/2 hours to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get as much stuff done as possible.

If she doesn't nap then it gives me 2 1/2 hours to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get as much stuff done while wrangling a 17 month old. It's fun.

Some pics from Ei's first day, he was SO excited about starting his first day!

Can't believe how big that baby boy is!! I love watching him grow and get bigger every year (day?) but I miss that chubby bald baby!

Now I'm off to buy my PSL (and proclaim my hatred for it) and find a good pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe!